Our Studio

Revolution Pole Fitness at the Cottage!

We are thrilled to announce that we've embraced the charm of intimacy as we downsize our dance space. Step into our world where pole dance meets the comfort of a cottage like atmosphere. Our new studio is designed to provide a warm inviting and personalized experience for all of our dancers. 


What to Expect...

  • Intimate Setting: Our downsized space is carefully curated to evoke the cozy ambiance of a cottage. Discover a dance haven that feels like a home away from home. 
  • Personalized Attention: With a smaller more intimate setting our instructors can focus on you. Enjoy tailored guidance and support as you explore the world of pole. 
  • Warm Community Vibes: Join a community that values connection. Our cozy studio fosters a sense of togetherness making every class a shared journey of growth and joy. 


We believe that great things come in small packages. We have created a space where the magic of dance is magnified and every step feels like a personal celebration. 

Come be a part of our intimate dance family. Experience the joy of movement in a setting that radiates warmth and familiarity.